Welcome to the Animal Jam Play Wild Scammers Wiki!Edit

Welcome to the Animal Jam Play Wild Scammers Wiki! We are here to inform people on AJPW to be aware of scammers and to prevent scamming. Please note we are not informing scammers with this wiki; we are aiming to prevent them. If you know of any scammers or scams that are not shown here, feel free to add a page for them or add the scam to the Scamming Methods page. If you are adding a scammer who has not been exposed already, make sure you have some kind of evidence.

Scam PreventionEdit

Scammers on AJPW are a real downer on the game! They cause so many people unhappiness and loss, and this wiki will help stop that! By being informed, you can prevent others and yourself from being scammed. Remember, if you see a scammer, remember to report them write away. If you have lost an item to a scammer, try contacting AJPW for help.

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